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12 Days of Cookiemas
12 Days of Cookiemas
12 Days of Cookiemas
12 Days of Cookiemas
12 Days of Cookiemas
Yummy Yummy Cookies

12 Days of Cookiemas

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Happy Holidays! We created a special YYC Christmas inspired cookie box for you. Get your pre-orders before Dec 3rd. 

Choose your delivery dates! Dec 6th & Dec 12th are available! 

*Cookie box does contain nuts*

Naughty Or Nice

Regardless of which list you are on, cookies are for everyone! Double chocolate meets traditional cookie dough, blended and topped with colourful Christmas chips

Naughty Nog

Eggnog cookie. Spiked eggnog custard. This one is so good, it’s landed on the naughty list. 

Got Me Ginger

Season’s Eatings for All! This classic gingerbread is stuffed with a gingerbread Oreo cookie, and topped with a white chocolate drizzle and bits of candied ginger. 

Peppermint Lane

This was MINT to be! The minti-est combination of peppermint and chocolate, all ready for the holiday season. 

Cranberry Pistachio

A classic winter combination in both flavour and taste! A delicate cookie dough with cranberry, pistachios, and white chocolate that is the perfect accompaniment to eat, drink and be cran-berry*Contains nuts*

All Dressed In Red

You don’t need to clean your chimney to have this guest all dressed in red to visit you! A red velvet cookie, stuffed with a cream cheese filling, and dressed to the nines!

Spiced Cider

All of the warmth and spice of an evening by the fire with a drink wrapped up into a cookie! A spiced cookie dough with a spiked apple filling to warm your taste buds


Holiday kisses for all (no greenery needed)! A melt in your mouth, buttery shortbread with rosemary, lemon, and white chocolate. 

Sugar And Spice

Sugar and Spice-we’ve put everything nice into this snickerdoodle stuffed cookie with a decadent brown sugar filling. 

Lump Of Coal

The only lump of coal that is a treat to get over the holidays! A decadent double chocolate cookies, with dark chocolate chunks and a salted chocolate ganache. 

The Grinch

5’o’clock cookie time-tell EVERYONE! Your heart will grow three times in size with just one bite! Our classic stuffed cookie with a festive twist.

The Gift

Candy-cane wishes and mistletoe kisses, all wrapped up in the perfect gift shaped cookie!

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