Meet Isabella Poletto, the Person Behind the Cookies.

From an early age, Isabella was always in the kitchen, from baking sweets with her Nonna (Grandma) to getting her hands dirty and creating yummy cookies. As her Nonna always told her
“I don’t bake for me, I bake to give and share with others”,
which made Isabella soon realize that she wanted to make her passion her career.

After high school, Isabella went on to get her diploma in Professional Cooking at SAIT. There she strived to be the best at her craft, which led her to place second in the 2017 Provincial Skills Canada Competition in Culinary Arts, her first-ever competition.

Through Isabella’s years working in various restaurant kitchens, she always found herself gravitating toward anything that involved baking or desserts. When it came to baking, she was everyone’s go-to person, which started her new passion.

In 2020, Isabella embarking on her wild cookie journey, spending months perfecting the cookies and getting opinions on them. Thus became Yummy Yummy Cookies (YYC).

Now Isabella hopes to spread her passion by creating cookies for all to give and share.

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